Hand Held Mobile Phones & Driving

Driving & Mobile Phones Law

The use of mobile phones while driving is a hot news topic and becoming more so, with several high profile fatal accidents being attributed to drivers using mobile phones in the moments before the accidents.

Several studies have demonstrated that using your phone behind the wheel has a bigger affect on your driving than drink driving does…… which is quite frightening.

Motorists reaction time and attention is severely hampered by smart phones that constantly chirp with emails, text messages, social media messages and news updates…. with all the Continue reading “Hand Held Mobile Phones & Driving”

What Is A Good Backlink?

SEO & Backlink Building

Google rankings are driven by great, relevant content and a solid profile of backlinks from relevant, high quality websites. A backlink is a link from another website that passes, trust, quality, relevance and authority to your site.

Backlinks drive search engines and if you are going to rank well for the most competitive search terms, that carry the largest volumes of targeted traffic, you are going to need a ‘natural’ balanced, Google friendly link profile to Continue reading “What Is A Good Backlink?”

Speeding – Safety Or Cash Cow?

Safety Cameras or Milking the Cash Cow

In the UK we no longer rant against the yellow painted speeding cameras at the side of the road. They have been with us now long enough to create a sort of ennui towards them.

Times change, however, and anti speeding technology continues to find new ways to keep an electronic eye on the motorist. Let’s take a look at the range available to “snap” us.

The Gatso is the old soldier which has been on the side of our roads since 1992, although until they started out painted grey, the law change in 2001 meant they had to be Continue reading “Speeding – Safety Or Cash Cow?”